Our History

1971.....Gas was $.40 a gallon, rent averaged $150 a month, a movie ticket was $1.50 and a postage stamp was $.08. The 26th amendment allowed 18-year-olds the right to vote, allowing us to vote in the 1972 Presidential Election.

1971 was the start of the digital age with the invention of the microprocessor, and the first mini calculator. The New York Times published the Pentagon papers. Greenpeace, FedEx, and NPR all came into existence. And, no more cigarette ads!

Music included Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, The Doors, James Taylor, The Who, the Jackson 5 and the Rolling Stones. “Maggie Mae” and “Me and Bobby McGee” could be heard blaring through our FM radios. Remember the Woodstock album that was complete with 3 records?

Fashion statements were made with our cowl-neck shirts, leisure suits, velour shirts, tunics, tube tops, and embroidered vests. Girls at CFHS could FINALLY wear pants!

But, the big news was 887 of the best and brightest ever to grace the halls of CFHS were preparing to graduate and take on the world. We entered the adult world during a time of turmoil, yet we were optimistic and eager to face new opportunities, and adventures.